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Passenger rights protect travelers and award them compensation if the airline is in breach of travel.

They are laid down in regulations. While the scope of these regulations varies from country to country, they are firmly anchored in national and international law (in the US, Europe and beyond). This means: Travel by plane, you have certain rights. In the case of a canceled flight, if your flight was too late or overbooked, you are entitled to compensation.

However, a big problem is that many people do not even know that the case law is on their side. This guarantee of success secures.

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Simply check your eligibility in a few steps.

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Submit the necessary documents and information, such as flight number, etc.

No cost risk

Risk-free claim and have checked and if there is a right to compensation.

Has your flight been more than 3 hours late in the last 3 years? Has your flight been canceled or overbooked? Then you can get up to 600 € compensation (less success commission). Check now how much money you are entitled to!

Since 2013, AirHelp has helped more than 16 million passengers understand their rights and received up to € 600 in compensation for late or canceled flights. All they have to do is submit their flight details. If authorized, AirHelp will process the application on its behalf for a fee of 35% (or 50% if legal action is required).

Services at a glance:
Fastest damage review thanks to AI lawyers,
Legal teams in up to 30 countries and customer service in 16 languages;
Owner of one of the most comprehensive flight statistics databases in the world.

* Please note that AirHelp is a stand-alone service for air passenger rights.

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