Italy Travelguide – La Dolce Vita

When talking about immigration, United States perhaps has the most number of prospects. But when you say vacation, it´s always somewhere in Europe. And Italy vacation is always on someones list. Why is this land of the La Dolce Vita ever sweeter? Can it possibly mean living here is like living in the movie of the same title: discrepancies of high living? Let´s take a peek of the reasons why Italy vacations are always sought after.

La Dolce Vita is a place where everything is cared for you down to the finest detail. It also involves exquisiteness only to be found on one of Italys top hotels. Carrara marble, gorgeous antique window panes, immense chandeliers and spacious bedchambers, all these details can make high living dreams come true. Plus with attentive and accommodating hotel staff can only heighten the experience. That is sweet life.

Colloseum Rome Italy
Travel to Rome – A unique experience

Guests of Lord Byron Hotel in Rome are likely to forget that the hotel is within the bustling Eternal City. Lord Byron Hotel warrants uncompromised exclusivity since their ground is bordered by the vast Borghese Gardens of Rome’s most prominent quarter. So for your Italy vacation, mark the Lord Byron Hotel as your lodgings.

Rome also situates one of the oldest powers surviving in the modern world: the Vatican City. Its the true ecclesiastical seat of power rivaling that of any president or minister. But whoever these high state functionaries are, itís the St. Peterís Basilica that you should be interested so. No other place has the most absolute experience of renaissance because no other place could rival the number of masterpieces confined in the St. Peters Cathedral. Even the Sistine Chapel holds so much timeless art that the whole structure is art in itself. Studying the entire detail of the Sistine Chapel could take days. And there are others too. Like the St. Peters Square.

La Dolce Vita could also mean the sweetest experience without the capriciousness of self indulgence. Thats why Borgo Argenina in Tuscany exists. It redefines beauty and elegance to its original setting that relies on the sunlight. No more fancy lights, in vogue interior designs, and modern paraphernalia. Hello terra cotta floors and exposed beam ceilings and wrought iron beds. A truly authentic Italian rustic experience.

Canal Italy Romantic Sunset

La Dolce Vita is also about the il cuor verde d’Italia. The Umbria is Central Italys best kept secret. Dont let them keep it from you. Idyllic farmlands and rustic woodlands of the Umbria will really convince you that this scene is a rip off of a medieval film studio in Hollywood.

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